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LEGO, Pharao

October 2010



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Oct. 9th, 2010

LEGO, Pharao

More Harry Potter

Actually I like to make Harry Potter minifigs better but birdfood and
bamboo swords need to be paid for so I do mostly Star Wars. But with
the upcoming HP movie I get to do some more Potter minifigs.

So, first here is a movie version Tonks:

Then Viktor Krum with
another Bulgarian Quidditch player:

Cho Chang and Roger Davis
in their Ravenclaw Quidditch outfits:

and finally Cedric Diggory in the third task Triwizard outfit:

Aug. 27th, 2010

LEGO, Pharao

I swear they are getting smaller...

Actually I didn't want to post other customizers' stuff on my LJ but since they only do weapons and I don't do weapons, I'll make an exception.
Someone posted about Tiny Tactical in a LEGO community. They make very realistic weapons for minifigs. You can buy optical devices and other minuscule stuff to mount on the actual gun. I bet you need tweezers and a microscope to build a complete assembly. Not cheap though...

Aug. 24th, 2010

LEGO, Pharao

Rita Skeeter and House Ghosts

Since I am a big Harry Potter fan I shall start the picture posts with
some custom HP minifigs. I have done some Quidditch teams in the past
(have to redo the decals) and Tonks (might do her again). Just recently
I made the Hogwarts house ghosts and, just finnished today, Rita

Thanks to the Clown from the Collectable Minifigs series the lime torso
is affordable. Custom decals on front, back and face. The colar is
removable and made with polymer clay.

A few weeks ago I made a set of the four Hogwarts house ghosts: Nearly
Headless Nick, the Bloody Baron, Helena Ravenclaw (the Grey Lady) and
the Fat Friar.

Nick and the Baron have sculpted hair pieces, the Fat Friar a modified
torso. Torso and robe legs of the Friar are painted everything else is
decals. The grey isn't a perfect match but it hardly ever is. Very
difficult colour and it depends very much on how much of each
CYM-colour the printer has already used. If they are not at the same
level, the grey turns out reddish or bluish.

Aug. 23rd, 2010

LEGO, Pharao

First post!

Okay, just a quick first post.
I have decided that I need a blog about my custom minifigs, so I will post my latest creations here. Whenever there are some exciting LEGO news, I will post those too. But I get to decide what news are exiting and you'll rather see me drool about a new cow than some Bionicle/Ben10 crap.

So far...